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iupat/DISTRICT council #5


commercial GLAZIERS

article 7, section 3:

    (a) Each journeyman glaziers shall obtain, without compensation a minimum of sixteen (16) hours established by the JATC of annual continuing Glazier trade and/or safety education.  The curriculum for such continuing education shall be established by the Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator and the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee.                                                                                                                       

    (b) Each journeyman glazier shall successfully complete and maintain safety training and possess a valid certification without compensation, for the following: First Aid, Fork Lift Operator, OSHA - 10, Scaffolding, all aerial man lifts, and Swing Stage.                                                        

    (c) The Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator shall be responsible to maintain the Database regarding employees' compliance with the requirements of this section.                                                            \

    (d) For purposes of this section, a year shall be from July1 through the following June 30 of each year employees who do not comply with this requirement will not be eligible for the next scheduled wage increase under Article 10 of this Agreement, until the required minimum hours are completed.  The Apprenticeship and Training Coordinator will advise every Employer via letter and/or list of the members of Local #188 who have and who have not complied with the requirements of this Section.

If you need to sign up for classes please e-mail, call, or come in to register.

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